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5 Reasons To Get Into Arts & Crafts


The two words “Art” and “Craft” get put together a lot, and this is because they often feed into each other. They both involve a creative process, and both are seen as hands-on hobbies. As a result, getting into one means you’re likely to strike an interest with the other too.

Getting introduced to arts & crafts usually happens very early on in life. Most children are taught to paint and create from a young age and though some of them continue to use these skills throughout life, many others move on and forget not only how much they enjoyed arts and crafts, but also how good they are at it.

Getting back into arts and crafts as an adult can be daunting, because it can mean learning new techniques and using unfamiliar tools. Nevertheless, there are so many unbelievable benefits that only half a day in, you’ll admit it’s all worthwhile!


To help you convince yourself, we’ve put together a (massively condensed) list of reasons to get into arts & crafts:

1. It can be great for the soul – therapeutic & fun!

 The way we spend our downtime affects our overall lifestyle – you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work that out. Even so, a large popularity of Brits spend their ‘out of hours’ time binge drinking, overeating or exercising. There’s nothing wrong with this, but moderation does need to be applied. With arts & crafts, there’s no real risk of causing your body damage – you simply get to relax and do something you enjoy.


2. It encourages children to be confident

 This point mainly applies to parents and guardians bringing up young children, though teachers, child minders and siblings can also take it on board. Arts & crafts help children to be creative and imaginative, which is proven to make them more resourceful and resilient when they are faced with barriers or obstacles in adult life. We all know the best way to encourage a child to do something is to set a good example yourself, so let him/her see you get your hands dirty and your footsteps will surely be followed!

3. It allows gifts to become more personal & cost-effective

 Besides using arts and crafts as a hobby that can fill your downtime, there are other benefits, such as saving money on gifts and being able to create handmade pieces for the people you love.


4. It can be an extra way of earning money

 Ever heard of the saying, “do something you love and you’ll never have to work again”? Well, if you love arts & crafts, you’re one step closer to making that a reality. Hone in on your skills and start putting your work up for sale. Who knows… within no time you could turn your hobby into a part-time (or full-time) job. The world is your oyster!

5. And last but not least, it can unleash creative juices’, helping in other aspects of life…

 If none of the above reasons are enough to persuade you, then you may want to consider how getting into arts & crafts could help you in other aspects of life. Unlike many subjects, there is no right or wrong in art – it is subjective and with no concrete format to follow. This means that applying yourself to arts or crafts for a while could help you unlock the areas of your brain you haven’t been using. Thinking outside of the box could be just what you need to solve that work-related problem or make that all-important life decision.


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