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Metal Stamping: All of Your Questions Answered!

One of the easiest and most creative ways to personalise your artistic creations is to brand, sign and decorate them using metal stamps. Metal stamps are affordable, reusable and ideal for both beginners and professionals.

We stock a wide range of metal stamps here at Kookeli. We have everything from letter punch sets to festive flowers, and are constantly updating our listings and supplying new designs from quality brands such as Beadsmith and ImpressArt.

As metal stamping is rapidly attracting the popularity of novice jewellery makers, there is a new demand for education on how to use these tools. At Kookeli we figured what better way to help you learn than to simply answer the most common questions related to metal stamping, and so that is what we’ll be sharing with you today!

Let’s jump straight in, shall we?

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Q1. What materials can I use Kookeli’s range of metal stamps on?

 A1. Most of the supplies in our metal stamping category are sourced from trusted, high quality brands such as Impress Art and Beadsmith. This means of our metal stamps are ideal for use on soft metals, such as brass, copper, aluminium, gold, silver, pewter and alkeme, but they can also be used for mixed media too. For example, many of our clients like to use them on clay, leather, glass, wax, wood and fabrics!

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Q2. Do I need any other tools to start metal stamping?

 A2. For beginners, normally just a household hammer will do. Those after a more professional finish will probably want to make a small investment in real brass hammer, though. Household hammers are usually made from steel, as are all of our metal stamps. As steel is such a hard metal this makes it hard to produce consistent results, as it often bounces back and creates a second impression on top of the first. Brass on the other hand is a lot softer, meaning that it is able to disperse the impact of the hit more effectively.

 Q3. Is there a reason I struggle to get a single impression with my stamps?

 A3. This is a common question asked by beginners who are using a household hammer made from steel. The problem is steel on steel, which is why we suggested using a brass hammer instead. The problem with steel striking steel is that is can cause unwanted vibrations, which in turn create an uncontrollable after-hit bounce. The after-hit bounce is what causes you to strike the stamp for a second time, and this is why you are struggling to get a single impression.

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 Q4. Is there a way I can add texture to my stamped metal work?

 A4. Once you’ve got the hang of metal stamping, you’ll want to explore new ways to make your pieces stand out. One of the best ways to add a new look and finish to your metal work is to use a texture hammer. Texture hammers are cleverly designed to add patterns to metal blanks, though they can also be used to add detail to any soft metal jewellery.

 Q5. What do the metal stamp measurements actually refer to?

 A5. When we display the size or measurements of our metal stamps, we are referring to the height of the stamped impression and not the dimensions of the actual stamp. Of course, the size of the impressions is very much dependent on the striking force that is used and the material it is used on.

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 Have your questions been answered? Are you ready to start exploring your metal stamping options with Kookeli? Click here to shop our selection of stamps and letter punches or tweet your queries to @KookeliLtd for a personalised reply! We look forward to hearing from you 🙂


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