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  • Happy New Year 2018

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our customers ! May you “bake” some amazing arts and crafts in your workshops in 2018 ! All the best from Kookeli team.        

  • Spring is putting a smile on our faces

    Spring is putting a smile on our faces With Easter around the corner and the first signs of milder weather, we’ve put together an inspiration collection of some of our favourite beads, jewellery and arts & crafts supplies to help you to get creative. It’s a perfect palette of pastel shades, florals and springtime birds, …

  • Happy New Year 2017 !

    Thank you to all our customers for a fantastic year! We hope to do business with you again in 2017! Happy new Year everyone. Kookeli Team    

  • The Catford Arts Trail Open House event

    24 – 25 Sep & 1 – 2 Oct The Catford Arts Trail : 11am – 6pm A free Catford Arts Trail/Open House event, to celebrate creativity in Catford, where local artists and makers will be showing their work in various homes and public spaces. This is the first ever Arts Trail in Catford, and …

  • Metal Stamping: All of Your Questions Answered!

    One of the easiest and most creative ways to personalise your artistic creations is to brand, sign and decorate them using metal stamps. Metal stamps are affordable, reusable and ideal for both beginners and professionals. We stock a wide range of metal stamps here at Kookeli. We have everything from letter punch sets to festive …

  • 10 Basic Jewellery Making Tools You Need to Get Started

    So you’ve been inspired to start making your own jewellery? Fabulous! Whatever it is that brought you here, be it your love for handmade designs or an urge to get creative with your own two hands, we’ve got something in common, so welcome to the Kookeli club 🙂 The first thing you need to know …

  • Creative Ways You Can Display Jewellery at Markets

    Jewellery making can be a hobby or a business, or both if you manage to create items you enjoy making and others love to buy. Starting out as a jewellery maker can be tough, as there aren’t all that many platforms to use as a launch pad. However, local flea markets, craft fairs and trade …

  • 5 Reasons To Get Into Arts & Crafts

    The two words “Art” and “Craft” get put together a lot, and this is because they often feed into each other. They both involve a creative process, and both are seen as hands-on hobbies. As a result, getting into one means you’re likely to strike an interest with the other too. Getting introduced to arts …

  • Inspiration: Rural Living

    Ethical sustainable chillwave. Gentrify semiotics cold pressed, narwhal hashtag cardigan artisan swag raw denim wolf tilde.

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