• Spiral Rope Tutorial

    Spiral Rope Tutorial, Design and tutorial by Nela Kábelová (www.gianelle.beadforum.cz) See colour selection of Wheel Beads

  • Julia Bracelet Tutorial for Arcos® and Minos® Par Puca® Beads

    Julia Bracelet for Arcos® and Minos® Par Puca® Beads, find these amazing beads here: Arcos® Minos®    

  • Paper Roses Tutorial

    Paper roses. You will need: Pencil Scissors Glue These flowers are so easy to make, yet look soo effective, specially when placed together in a picture. 1. first draw around a saucer or similar sized shape. 2. cut out the circle then cut around in a spiral shape leaving a circular space in the  middle…. Read More »

  • Tea Cup Candles

    You will need : old tea-cups wax wicks essential oil ribbon wrapping film 1. Make sure the cups are clean and dry. 2. Melt the wax according to the instructions. I used a metal bowl over a saucepan of hot water. 3. Once the wax has melted, add a couple of drops of essential oil… Read More »

  • DIY Memo Board

    You will need: an old picture frame or Canvas frame paint paintbrush sharp craft knife or scissors staple gun ribbon small pegs 1. Take an old broken canvas and using the craft knife carefully and completely remove the old canvas picture. 2. Paint the frame with some left over emulsion in your colour choice and leave to dry…. Read More »

  • Halloween Spider Web Wand

    Halloween Spider Web Wand To make this wand you will need: 3 lollipop sticks 1 x kebab stick (or thin dowel) embroidery thread (or wool/ string) black paint and paint brush Glue Spider charm 1. First of all glue the three lollipop sticks together in diagonals as shown. 2. Then turn them over and glue… Read More »

  • Halloween Bunting Tutorial

    Halloween Bunting Tutorial! To make this Halloween bunting decoration, you will need: black card white card white craft foam (or white card) black/white striped ribbon bat connectors/charms scissors glue pencil hole punch 1. First of all make a template for your bunting shape out of white card. 2. Draw around the template on the black… Read More »

  • Ahoy There Shabby Chic Sign

    Ahoy There Shabby Chic Sign You will need: small pieces of wood with holes drilled in top for string white & blue acrylic paint and brushes. string pencil scissors Anchor charms Nautical Ribbon 1. First of all paint the wooden plaque white. It may need a couple of coats, but don’t worry too much about… Read More »

  • Upcycled Squirrel Clock

    Upcycled Squirrel Clock, I bought this lovely wooden clock in a high street store Sale for just £2.50! As a fan of retro and vintage floral patterns, I decided to try and do a floral pattern in colours to match my living room.  I used acrylic paints in various colours to decorate the clock and just played… Read More »

  • Magical Fairy Door Tutorial

    Magical Fairy Door Tutorial, 1. You will need: 7 x lollipop sticks glue (hot glue or craft glue) felt pens /biro scissors flowers / buttons / cabochons 2. Lay 5 lollipop sticks next to each other to make the main area of the door and put glue up and down all the joins to stick them… Read More »