Paper Roses Tutorial

Paper roses.
You will need:
These flowers are so easy to make, yet look soo effective, specially when placed together in a picture.
1. first draw around a saucer or similar sized shape.
2. cut out the circle then cut around in a spiral shape leaving a circular space in the  middle.
3. fold from the outside in, coiling the paper tightly as you go.
4. continue until you get to the middle section. This bit acts as a Base for the flower.
5. place a dab of glue on the middle piece of paper left and quickly stick the coiled paper to it. Adjust quickly if needed before glue dries (a glue gun works best as it sticks quicker)
6. repeat using different shades or patterned  paper depending on your final design.
7. I glued the flowers into a heart shape using a glue gun.

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