Tea Cup Candles

You will need :
  • old tea-cups
  • wax
  • wicks
  • essential oil
  • ribbon
  • wrapping film
1. Make sure the cups are clean and dry.
2. Melt the wax according to the instructions. I used a metal bowl over a saucepan of hot water.
3. Once the wax has melted, add a couple of drops of essential oil and stir (I used a rose scented oil).
4. Carefully pour the wax into the tea cups about 1cm from the top.
5. Add the wicks and keep them in place by wrapping the end over a pencil or similar.
6. Leave to cool.
7. Once the candles have set, trim the wicks.
8. To make them into lovely gifts, wrap the candle in clear wrapping film (you can find this in most craft shops or florists) and tie ribbon around the top!
9. Your candles are now ready to use or give as gifts.

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